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Yummi Orlando Cakes
Yummi, Yummi, Yummi....we put love in your tummies...from Yummi Cakes Orlando!

All our cakes, pies & Desserts are made with only natural ingredients....no lard only fresh delicious butter and other heavenly items!

Orlando's Best Desserts & Cake Shop

Exceptional cakes for everyday occasions!
Best Desserts in Orlando...right to your home!

All cakes are over-sized and will serve 16 large slices or more

Cakes must be ordered 5 days in advance please!
Pickup is free - Delivery is $15 within Orlando area or $20 in Kissimmee area

We only offer cakes that are priced & listed in our "Cake Menu"

These yummi cakes, pies and desserts are both addictive and the most delicate tasting cakes in Orlando that you will ever have the pleasure of devouring!  Your guests will rave over these delectable cakes & desserts too!

Everyone has been to the Orlando cake shops and bakery sites for all of the Orlando and Central Florida area.  Isn’t Orlando missing something in our cakes & desserts?

While all those tiny little cakes might look really pretty, they also have a not so tiny price tag.  Most of those cakes don’t taste nearly as good as they look, and we have all experienced that disappointment!

We thought out loud one day a very long time ago…what if we make our cakes & desserts taste simply divine, make them a good, generous size and forgo all the fancy decoration?  After all, don’t you want a yummy cake or dessert that tastes as good as it looks?

We have been making yummy cakes & desserts in our little cake shop, for friends and many of our Orlando residents for 25 + years, so we decided to offer these delightful cakes & desserts to all of Orlando and make the most wonderful best cakes & best desserts for all your special occasions or maybe just an everyday cake… just because you want one!

Once you and your family or friends take one bite into our blissful, delectable yummi cakes or our other desserts, you will be hooked for life!  Our cakes will serve 16 people easily and our pies are a full 11 inches!  These cakes & pies are full of flavor and packed with an old fashioned goodness just like your grandmother used to bake, only we've updated them! 

Our Orlando desserts are made with all natural ingredients, no lard, and real butter.  We take great pride in each and every dessert we produce.  You can really taste the measurable difference in our culinary delights!

Divine & Memorable cakes by Yummi Cakes Orlando!

Come try one of our captivating, dreamy cakes Orlando, & you will definitely see what you've been missing!

The absolute Best Orlando cakes and Best Orlando pies!

When you want a delicious dessert, taste one of the best desserts Orlando has to offer!

We would like to thank all our loyal customers as well as welcoming our brand new customers that are supporting us! 

Your Orlando Desserts Will Never Be the Same!